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Cheryl said ...

I am constantly looking for the DVD set of Cagney & Lacey - hard to believe the market will not support it.  I was just at Costco - they have a new variety of older and more current TV series available in DVD sets and I can't imagine they were or are more popular than C&L.  I for one would be willing to pay a little more for special order if that would be an option. Love the show, you did fantastic work and it should live on - loving being able to see in on netflix - but to own it myself would be the best.

14 JULY 2010

Barney Rosenzweig replies ...

I couldn't agree more, Cheryl, nor could I be more frustrated. The DVD guys at FOX/MGM could not be more incompetent and the only hope is that the Fox distribution contract with MGM expires in a year or so. Hopefully by then MGM will have settled its financial difficulties and we can begin anew with a complete set of the entire series, the 125 episodes with Sharon and Tyne the "lost" episodes with Meg Foster as Cagney and the first movie for television where Loretta Switt was Tyne Daly's partner. In the meanwhile, the first 22 episodes of the Sharon Gless/Tyne Daly years are available. Fox didn't have the "heft" to get them into any retail stores, but Amazon has them and they can be purchased that way. You can also get the four reunion movies we made with Sharon and Tyne on DVD. We call them The Menopause Years and Amazon will handle that order as well. Keep the faith... one of these days this will get down properly.

Samantha McCook said ...I just want to wish Barney and Sharon and Tyne a Happy New Year and lots of good luck in whatever you do

DECEMBER 30, 2010

Kim Glass said ...Hi Barney! Hope u and Sharon got to spend Christmas together!

I wanted to ask if there might be any more C&L movies in

the making such as the Retirement years....or something

in that category?? Would be nice to see them on screen again

after all these years! Just an idea.....Happy New Year to you both!


Kim Glass

   Barney Rosenzweig replies:

Sharon and I will be spending the holidays together, but it is a bit removed from the traditional... She is working here in Miami on her play, A Round-Heeled Woman, while I root her on from the sidelines. A special New Year's Eve presentation of the play complete with champagne and balloons is being offered local patrons and (since it is all sold out) should be a fun time. Sharon and I spent a quiet Christmas at home but were too tired to open presents until only a day or two ago. They sit there still, under the tree but at least unwrapped. As to more movies with the dynamic duo... I wish. Leslie Moonves did all he could to kill the franchise when he moved over to CBS all those years ago. Read my book, Cagney & Lacey... and Me (yet another shameless plug) and you will (perhaps) see why we probably will not take up that fight again. BR

DECEMBER 30, 2010

Stacy Theriot said ...

I have purchased the set of "Cagney and Lacey, The Menopause Years", which then made me miss seeing the TV series, so I went to and have watch all they offer. My question is and I'm sure you have been asked this before, but will the tv series "Cagney and Lacey" ever come out on DVD, not just season 1 (which I also have), but the entire series. I would just love to own my own dvds of "Cagney and Lacey"! -- God Bless.

  Barney Rosenzweig replies:

I am told that all episodes are now available from, Netflix, and US and UK iTunes stores. I have no personal knowledge of that because like you, I am waiting for them to all come out in one wonderful box of DVDs that takes up a fair amount of shelf space and has a lot of special features from those of us who actually made the show. For that to happen the MGM takeover and subsequent infusion of investment capital has to take place. I am hopeful that will be exactly what does happen early on in 2011. Right now, "hope" is about all I've got. The powers that be and were have not been so terrific for this series of ours, but... well, lets keep the faith a little longer and if we are once again not treated right, maybe we can all finally lock arms and do something about it. Stay "tuned." I am working on my "battle cry."

DECEMBER 29, 2010

Cliff said (on Barney's blog) ... Hello Barney

Will there be a dvd release of Angel on My Shoulder any time soon.


  Barney Rosenzweig replies:

Interesting little movie I made thirty years ago with Peter Strauss, Barbara Hershey, Richard Kiley, Janis Paige and Seymour Cassel, directed by John Berry (look him up for an impressive array of credits) and written by Tyne Daly's uncle, George Kirgo from a script by Roland Kibbee. 

The movie was flawed and an unfortunate acting choice we all made (and I say "all" meaning director Barry, me and actor Peter Strauss together signing off on the idea of Peter's character having a tough-guy accent throughout) hurt the film badly. 

An ex-partner sold the film to Viacom who has the rights and I would be surprised if (in this market) there are plans to put it out on DVD. 

Some great stories, mainly how the film came to be and the craziness of making the movie itself would all be in the book that will probably never be written, Cagney & Lacey... Before and After

As it is, the movie gets a few nice mentions in Cagney & Lacey... and Me.

24 MARCH 2010

Ed said ...Hello Hope all groovy in C&L Land. Just a quick note to give you a heads-up about one of the Season 6 episodes available via iTunes. I bought the series on the UK site, and the episode Revenge is missing a portion (it clocks in at 32 minutes instead of the usual 45 or so). I double-checked the time-code on the US site too and it seems to be suffering from the same missing bit. Having checked my knackered old VHS version, it appears that a segment has been omitted between two of the middle commercial breaks. 

Just thought you should know... 

Thanks again for all you do on the site, it's much appreciated. 

Best, Ed 

23 MARCH 2010

   Cagney & Lacey's WebSquad replies:

Many thanks, Ed!

Cagney & Lacey's WebSquad

Cagney & Lacey's WebSquad replies ...

Chris - fantastic news, thanks - keep up the good work.  Barney will do a guest lecture for you and your students if he's in the area!

Cagney & Lacey's WebSquad 

  Hayley Newton said ...

Hi Barney Can you please tell me when I can buy the cagney and lacey movies on dvds and the true beginging on dvd and when will they be any other cagney and lacey secens be comming out on dvds. my gran had been looking on diffrent on line shops on the internet they say they have complted box set of cagney and lacey. 

16 MARCH 2010

Chris Roquemore said ...

Barney, Tyne and Sharon,

I'm so happy I found the entire run of the series on Netflix. This is only a substitute for having the entire series on DVD, but at least I have access to the shows once again. 

Fell in love with the show as a teen, found the reruns on lifetime. Watched the reunion movies in college and now, in my Intro to Broadcasting class I spend an entire class period discussing the show with my students. From the feminist standpoint, the issues the show dealt with and the cultural significance of the show as well a discussion of the power of viewers that is unfortunately non existent today. 

My students enjoy the class and I'm proud to introduce a new generation of students to your show. Thank you all again for the show and your hard work. Keep working for DVD's. There are plenty of us out the that will buy them. I promise. 


22 MARCH 2010

Cagney & Lacey's WebSquad replies ...

Hayley, the Cagney & Lacey: The True Beginning and Cagney & Lacey:  The Menopause Years DVDs are available, for example from either the US or UK Amazon stores, or the latter also on the high street in the US, through Best Buy stores.  

We do not yet have any further news about the rest of the original series being issued on DVD.  However, viewers in the US can see them on In addition, all 125 Cagney & Lacey episodes are available from the US and UK iTunes stores.  We understand they are also now available in the US through Netflix.

But please beware the 'complete' box sets of the original Cagney & Lacey series:  they are pirated versions and, as well as infringing copyright (which is illegal) they are often of very inferior quality, incomplete etc.  

Thank you for your question.

Cagney & Lacey's WebSquad

23 MARCH 2010

  Dave said ...

I just read a Playboy magazine from 1971 (I'm in marketing and I like to scope the ads for inspiration) happened to come across a well-written article that followed Mr. Rosenzweig's attempts to make this eccentric sounding movie about a mystical folk singer, anyway, the article is ultimately fascinating read knowing how Mr. Rosenzweig's career played out. 

Was just wondering do you remember the article? What did you think about it after it was published, did you get any backlash from the industry? Also, what ever became of the movie? 

James said ...Hello, Until all the seasons of "Cagney and Lacey" are on DVD, I really on imagination and memory. My fantasy TV series has long been "Alice Christine," the on-going story of a hard working NY policewoman who struggles with both home and work. Fortunately, she has mentors in retired NY detectives, her mother Mary Beth Lacey and family friend Christine Cagney. Any chance someone might produce this, nudge-nudge?

Barney Rosenzweig replies:Wow... that is a subject for my book Cagney & Lacey: Before and After

I do remember the article, and my memory is that is was very accurate and well written by William Murray. He called it something like "Where were you, or ye of little faith when Barney Rosenzweig needed you?" and it got mixed "reviews" from people in power. In fact, it probably did some damage at the time to what was then left of my somewhat promising career.

Life provides opportunity for redemption and, as you point out, it is probably more interesting seeing as how my career actually did play out. I like to tell stories and I enjoy telling stories about things I know something about. I probably know more about me than anything else and so the memoir is a form that I like and with which I am comfortable. 

Unfortunately (for me anyway) Cagney & Lacey: Before and After will probably never be written. The "demand" for Cagney & Lacey... and Me was hardly noteworthy and although I might consider writing another memoir for "exercise" that thought is thwarted by the fact of the expense of hiring a lawyer to scan for any possible libelous comments and then purchasing the insurance policy that would protect my home from being seized should some former associate come out of the woodwork to take umbrage at what was written. 

Too bad. I think it would be fun, something I would like to share and a good read for those who have come to like Cagney & Lacey... and Me. As to what happened to the film; it got some awards, one great review ("A wondrously, magical political folk tale".... said The Hollywood Reporter) and in some quarters became a sort of mini-cult film. 

My partner on the film died, the distributor, I think, has crawled under some Malibu Beach rock, and I just do not have the energy to resurrect it or any part of it. For years, a tape of that film sat on my office TV set, waiting for me to review it so as to cull some idea for a remake or a television series. I could never bring myself to watch it. 

Of all the scars on my considerable Psyche, The Legend of Hillbilly John (nee: Who Fears The Devil) still resonate and cause me pain. 

One day... If this blogging thing ever grows... I may start telling those stories. It gets safer as the cast of characters die off, but telling stories (safe or not) is a lot more fun when there is an audience. 

23 MARCH 2010

 Barney Rosenzweig replies:

It is one of many notions that have been discussed about how we might revisit Cagney & Lacey in the 21st century. It is not so hard to come up with ideas that are interesting or may work as it is to get a Network to make the call that would encourage us to go forward. 

I haven't retired... I've stopped. There is a subtle difference and this paraphrase from the Terence McNally play that Tyne Daly is now doing in Washington DC means that although I am not out there "auditioning," I do, however, have a phone. 

If any of the powers that be were interested, I can be found fairly easily.

20 MARCH 2010

Debbie said ...I am curious to know what happened to all the props and wardrobe from C & L? Was any of it kept by cast and crew for souvenirs, given away for promotional events, or put into storage? I would love to get my hands on something from the original set, an item of clothing, or a prop consistently used by Chris or MaryBeth. I am sure it is very likely most of the "stuff" was disposed of, but it would be fun to know if anything was still hanging around somewhere!

14 MARCH 2010

Barney Rosenzweig replies:All of the above (kept by cast members and crew), given away for promotional events and put into storage. 

One of these days we may have a Cagney & Lacey garage sale... but only folks who have a copy of my book in hand will be allowed to come (just kidding). 

But, in case you thought I was serious or are worried that I may go that way after all, the book is called Cagney & Lacey...and Me and it makes a lot prettier piece of memorabilia than almost anything we have stored. 

 Barney Rosenzweig replies:

My memory is that when our series initially aired in Italy, it was called "New York, New York". Is that your recollection as well? 

Onward to your questions: I never cared much for giving individual titles to episodes and only once in a Cagney & Lacey did I use one of these titles on screen. My experience was that these titles tended to get a bit "flowery" and more often than not were sort of pretentious. So, episode titles (which were really for in-house use only) were usually short and clear enough to remind us while in the throes of making the show, what that particular episode was about. 

You are correct in your observation that air dates and production numbers could be out of sequential order. There are two reasons for that: production numbers were assigned before the episode was made... upon the ordering of payment to the writer for the script to be written. Sometimes, especially early in each season when we had multiple scripts on hand, I would, pre-production, juggle the order of these scripts based on any number of things, from availability of specific locations, or actors, or even a match up with the skills of a particular director. 

In the case of the example you cited it was because I believed "Witness to an Incident" was a much stronger episode than "One of Our Own" and I therefore made the decision (post-production) to lead off the season with the stronger show resulting in the numbering discrepancy you "discovered." 

As to background sounds of a clock... quite possible. We had a library of ambient sounds for the precinct, for the Lacey household and the Cagney loft. It is in the "mix" of the episodes where dialogue is "married" to an "effects" track (background sounds, etc.) and to a music track as well. 

And, finally, to my dismay, your English is a whole lot better than my Italian. 

  Barney Rosenzweig replies:

Kelly, the type of gun was a .38 caliber revolver (fairly standard among New York police officers in the 1980s) and the two women each had several sessions and refresher courses in the use of firearms before and during the life of the series. 

In addition, a retired female NY police officer was always on set or on call during the filming of the series. 

Good questions which are NOT referenced in Cagney & Lacey... and Me but I thought I would mention the book anyway. 

Barney Rosenzweig replies:

Oliver, the title of that episode was "Choices" and it merits a full chapter in my book Cagney & Lacey... and Me.  As noted in that tome, which I can only hope you will now read, this particular episode is my own personal favorite of the 125 we made. 

If you read the book you will learn why. 

Brian O'Keeffe said ... (on Barney's blog):Hello Mr Rosenzweig. I am sorry to hear about your health problems and glad to hear you are doing well.

I noticed yesterday that all seven seasons of 'Cagney and Lacey' are available via the Instant Watch feature on Netflix. I wonder if you had anything to do with that? I hope you are getting paid, but would not be shocked to discover that you are not and may not even know about it.

I saw Sharon's play the first night of previews in San Francisco and hope the run went well and look forward to possibly seeing it again and see what changes have been made. Sharon was wonderful and I saw you in the lobby after and nearly stopped and said hello.

28 FEBRUARY 2010

Barney Rosenzweig replies:

Actually, Brian, I did not know about this offer on Netflix. but thanks to you, I do now. "Getting paid" is always slow and often a non-event. With the knowledge you have provided, along with expressing your good wishes, I wait and hope for MGM (the quintessential lion in winter) to come forward with the "news" and payment. 

1 MARCH 2010

Dany said ...Hello Mr. Rosenzweig, a few months ago because of a bad fall, I fractured my foot and I was immobilized for a long time so, after having learned to work with the computer and writing my memoirs (!) I filled my time watching all the episodes of C & L that I had in the original language. 

I am Italian, my English is not great, but listening to the Show in its original version is much better. I watched this wonderful Show in the 80s, but I'm enjoying much more now that I am over 40, perhaps because I have the same age as the two characters.You have done a really good job, this is Television History, there are no more shows of this level today. 

Now I have some questions for you: 

1. Is used as a criterion for choosing the title of each episode? Which?


2. I realized then that the original air date does not meet the 'exact production order of episodes (for example, the first episode of season two is "635-101 - One of Our Own - Air date November 1 82" instead of "635-105 - Witness to An Incident - Air date 25 Oct 82 "): why is this happening? 

3. I listen to the sound using headphones ( I understand better the dialogues ), and I realized that very often plays in the background the sound of a clock: am I wrong? 

4. Last: in the episode "A Cry for Help" Mrs. Gless was perhaps just returned from an injury? When I removed the plaster, I too have walked with a limp that way for a couple of weeks. Sorry if my English is not so good and I hope you can answer, if you're not too BUSY. With love, Dany.

1 MARCH 2010

Hayley Newton said ...Sharon I would like to say I love your work on burn notice. I would like to say hi to barney and Tyne too. keep up the good work. x

27 FEBRUARY 2010

Kelly Doyle said ...How much experience did the ladies get in using firearms before starting the series? Did they ever learn how to really shoot a gun or did a technical advisor just tell them how to stand and shoot for each particular scene? And what type of gun was their standard issue during the time frame of the series? (not to include reunion shows) Thanks.

18 FEBRUARY 2010

Oliver said ...Hi, Which was the episode with the funny scene when one of you were let her wet pantyhose hanging out of a car window to dry? Regards, Oliver

13 FEBRUARY 2010

Debbie said ...I remember watching the show when I was a teenager. I was enthralled! Monday nights at 10pm could NOT come quickly enough. 

I am thouroughly enjoying watching the episodes in order on Since it's been almost 20 years since I watched them, it's like watching for the first time again! Thrilling! 

I am VERY curious to know why there were only 7 episodes in season 3? Was that all that was made? Or are there more that aren't available? The airdates posted seem to suggest they were aired late in the season. What happened?

  Barney Rosenzweig replies:

The full story is revealed in my book, Cagney & Lacey... and Me. Shame on you for not having read that yet. 

I am not easily discouraged however so will herewith impart a minimalist version of events: The show was canceled (for the second time) at the end of season two. That summer was the year of the great write-in campaign to save the show referred to by CBS executives as "an avalanche" of mail. That seismic event brought CBS to the point where they called to inform me that they "had made a mistake" and "could I put it (meaning the series) together again?" 

It turned out their contrition was only an invitation to audition again (hence the limited number of episodes). Hey... take my word for it... the story is a lot better than that and you should really read the book and buy one for you Mom for Mother's Day. 

hope everyone is well


Stewart said ...

hi does anyone know how well the c@l movies done since they were released ? and is there any news yet on if further episodes will be released on dvd in the uk none of the channels here are showing c@l and i do miss watching the girls in the later episodes...any info would be great 

  Barney Rosenzweig replies ...

In general the DVD business is down.... way down, but our distributor does not seem overly discouraged and seems to feel that we have done reasonably well. The big hope continues to be that Walmart in the USA will take the box set for their shelves in time for Mother's Day which would go a long way to making this a success. That, as they used to say, is "in da woiks." 

It couldn't hurt if you Walmart customers out there were to request that this item be stocked by your "favorite" store. 

As to more episodes being released... That is in the hands of MGM which is still in the throes of "reorganization." I expect little, if anything, until that company resolves its own problems. In the meanwhile, letters by snail mail to MGM's corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California requesting the release of the entire series might remind these folks that there is an asset they have that might profit them to release.


Sara Bell asked on the Cagney & Lacey official Facebook page:Any chance The Trials of Rosie O'Neill will be available online or on DVD at some point? I never got to see it and would love to.

Barney Rosenzweig replies ...The jury is still out on how well "The Menopause Years" release will ultimately do. In general, the video/DVD business for television series is not good. For older shows it is worse. Part of this is a marketing problem and a losing battle for shelf space, but the better reason is there are just too many other things for people to do. 

The viewer has been fictionalized down to tiny numbers with the proliferation of all the available outlets on satellite, cable and broadcast television. Add the various DVR devices that are in people's hands, the Kindle, iPod technology and its offshoots plus the Internet and its opportunities to view all kinds of material (professional and amateur alike) for free (or almost free) and you are almost doomed to wonder where everyone went. 

To go into this business with what was a moderately successful show in the first place... or even with a cult classic... is, at the very least, daunting. Expenses of producing these (let alone packaging and marketing) plus the chance for grievances (real or imagined) by former associates or their heirs has to beg the question of why even "go there"? 

That is where we are right now. There is not a lot of focus on this, but even if there were, you can see why it might have trouble moving to a front burner on The Rosenzweig Company stove. So there you have it (or in the case of Rosie O'Neill, don't have it). I would love to see it played more often and seen by folks who remember it or folks, such as the many of you who have only heard of it. It had some very good work by some very talented people and I am proud of it. 

Want something to do? Let's start here: Why not write to LIFETIME... the cable channel that prides itself on running shows about and for women?... Ask them to run the show ... even in a not so good time-slot... and give it some air. 

It just might breath a little life into the whole process ..

1 MARCH 2010

 Catherine said ...

Just sending along congrats to Sharon on the first run of A Round-Heeled Woman in San Francisco. A very brave turn. The reviews I read were mixed, with the overall verdict that while Jane Juska's story is compelling and the actors were fine, the play itself needs work. Here's hoping that Sharon, Jane Prowse and the producers forge ahead with polishing the piece and bringing it to a wider audience. Judging by the SF box office, it would seem there's a receptive audience to be reached out there. 

Bravo to Tyne, also, on her well-received cabaret act. She seems to be in love with that particular form. It's so good to see both women thriving. And, not forgetting Tyne's visit to Burn Notice last month, I'm sure we all hope to see the ladies team up again at some point, stage and/or screen. 

17 FEBRUARY 2010

Hayley Newton said ...

Sharon I would like to say I love your work on burn notice. I would like to say hi to barney and Tyne too. keep up the good work. x

27 FEBRUARY 2010

 Julie said ...

Hello--- my friends and I saw Sharon in RHW, loved it and wondered if you could convince her to blog about her entire experience in SFO once she settles back home. 

On not only the making of the play (which she has already talked about to some degree), but what it was like living in SFO short-term; the experience of making, performing and evolving the show over the time it was here; thoughts about the theatre that produced it and the director, the crowds and their reactions; what she did in her spare time; and most importantly, whether it was considered a success and will continue on to the West End or someplace else. 

Also, we noticed there was a so-so review about it in the SF Chronicle, but at the bottom of it were many positive comments from readers that disagreed, and it looks like many many readers voted thumbs up to those comments. So, hopefully if Sharon read the article she also saw those. Thanks in advance, inquiring minds want to know. 

Sincerely, Julie, Manny, Rita and Paul

10 FEBRUARY 2010

  Joyce said ...

thank you so much for answering my question about when and how you "announced" Lacey's pregnancy. under the circumstances, that was brilliant! i was 11 or so at the time that season was aired, so i wasn't often allowed to be up that late to watch the show. i had to sneak and watch it with the volume very low. it was worth the risk of punishment. I LOVED THE SHOW! still do:) anyway, i thought maybe i missed a vital episode. i am enjoying the show as much or more with the volume up and as late as i want. take care all of you. (I will be buying that book)

28 JANUARY 2010

  Lynn said ...

To Tyne and Sharon: On Thursday January 21,2010 on usa network, I just got done watching the new episode called a dark road on the television series burn notice. Watching you two working so well togther again was just like the good old days, but it was like turning back time because where tyne was sitting and you were sitting, you two were sitting in the same spots just like when you both did cagney and lacey. WOW! I mean during C&L tynes desk faced the doors and your desk faced the chalk/clock in and out board so it was like daz za vo.

21 JANUARY 2010

Kristy said ...

Thanks to Barney for the Dec. 30th reply and for passing the request for info re: "Hooked" on to Carole. And thanks in advance to Carole for attempting to track down and quiz Sharon & Tyne when they aren't busy (lotsa luck!) playing round-heeled women and singing about "Balding Pudendums"! Little did we know the ladies were so saucy back in the C&L days. Cheers to the mature woman! (I'm rapidly becoming one myself...) 

Continuing to comply with my resolution to be more thankful in the New Year, THANKS also to the C&L-website-people (web mavens? "websters"? WHAT do we call y'all, anyway?!) who put up with my inability to make any post brief. Feel free to edit away! My husband, at times, is saddened that "stifle!" doesn't work as effectively on me as it did on Edith Bunker. :) Kristy

4 JANUARY 2010

  Laura said ... 

Hi all, i hope you have had a lovely christmas and peaceful new year. Just wanted to make comment on a certain christmas gift i received this year, Barney's book 'Cagney and Lacey...And Me' and how much i enjoyed it. I am not a big reader, however i finished this book in 3 days and found myself unable to put it down. Being a major fan of the show and the fabulous Sharon Gless, i was so intruigued by the story and the constant battle to get this ground-breaking show on the TV. It was very interesting to read about Sharon, Tyne and Barney and the crew at Lacy Street and i honestly couldn't have wished for a better present. After reading this and gaining a true insight into the show and the actors, i am even more of a fan of the 2 leading ladies, especially the gracious Ms Gless, who i just find totally inspiring, dedicated and unique. This is a brill book and i highly recommend it to anybody! Excellent work Barney (as usual!) 

I am hoping that Sharons play 'A round-heeled woman' comes to London's West End as i would absolutely love to see both the play and Ms Gless at work (being my 21st Birthday this month i was offered the chance to go to San Francisco to watch it as a gift from all my family, but work commitments unfortunately interfered with this) so heres hoping! Keep up the great work with the site, with love, 

Laura x

4 JANUARY 2010

Syd said ...

A Narrative on the Phenomenon that IS Cagney & Lacey....

Dear Sharon, Tyne & Barney-- for the thousands of us that are C&L fans, I just want to write (speaking for all fans I assume)…to make sure you understand, that despite the fact that you devoted less than a decade to producing C&L (save all the preemptive years to get C&L on the air per Barney's book) many moons ago, how very real and current the C&L series feels to us fans. 

Due to the internet and technology that allows classic TV shows to come back and/or be made available to so many of us, and watch them over and over again, I think all of us fans would agree C&L seems just as current and real as if it were playing today. You may say, "but it was 25+ years ago" and not even remember half of what we talk/write about in such meticulous detail; but we the fans, all have in this day and time, the ability to watch and re-watch and enjoy this series over and over again, from all over the world--which many of us do because it is so unbelievably fabulous, and oddly many of us can't even articulate why we love it so much--- we just do! 

There are many of us (like myself) that re-discovered C&L after the 25-yr period because it was brought back via and Itunes… and we found it by accident and then remembered how MUCH we loved the show way back when. Others were evergreen fans b/c they kept their old VHS recordings and have periodically watched them over the years, and others are discovering and resonating with it for the first time (how cool is that?). Regardless, we are all equal in our passion for this magnificent show, and despite the broad range of our ages and nationalities…what can I say, we LOVE C&L! 

So, just know that while it was many many years ago for you, a small block of time in your established careers and you may or may not watch or care about the show to the degree we do--- it is very current and relevant to us and we love it because of that. 

THANK YOU so much for the hard work (and those of us who read Barney’s book know just how hard it was), to create this wonderful series. I wish I could articulate why it resonates with me so much but I can’t. It’s probably a combination of the writing, the C&L characters themselves, Sharon & Tyne’s INCREDIBLE performances and chemistry, the fact that it was ahead of it’s time, the fact that women and other minorities were shown in a positive light, etc. etc.—the list goes on! 

All I know is for me, a professional middle-aged woman with a good job, life, friends and plenty of things to do--- I am addicted to the fact that it’s made available to us again and can’t stop watching it! I, like many others, have my faves--- Heat, Burn Out, Baby Brokers, Choices (because this one reminds me of me), Happily Ever After (also reminds me of me), Isn’t Fair, Filial Duty, Old Ghosts, The Gimp, Family Connections, The Man Who Shot Trotsky, To Sir With Love, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Turn Turn Turn, Don’t I Know You, Friendly Fire…. the list goes on! Sooo….THANK YOU for making this website (and your FB fan page) available so we can all share our “fan-ness” and shower you with our affections. That’s part of the fun as fans… to TELL you that we are fans! And thank you for always taking the time to respond to us. It’s so much fun having the ability to be an “interactive fan”.  

Take care and God Bless!

3 JANUARY 2010

Julie said ...

Thanks for your reply regarding the quality of season 6. As for my reference to its quality relative to the 3 seasons prior, I mentioned those vs the previous 5 as they were the ones folks seemed to be using for comparison. Hope you are continuing to be well Barney. And I can't wait to see your lovely wife in Round Heeled Woman---I'm going to see it in San Francisco AND, going to see Tyne two nights later performing Songs. Love you all, cheers! 

1 JANUARY 2010

  Samantha said ...

hi everyone I hope you all have a very happy new year

1 JANUARY 2010