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Q:  Are the autographs on the photos from Sharon and Tyne included in the Limited Edition printed on, or individually signed by them?

A:  We can verify they are actual signatures, because Carole R Smith, Barney's Assistant, was personally responsible for getting each and every signature from Sharon and Tyne on all of the photos, signed in Black Sharpie. It involved mailing 500 at a time from Sharon to Tyne and Tyne to Sharon  in Miami, New York, Las Vegas  and Los Angeles, and then sending them via FEDEX to the distributor. 

Q: I want to buy a boxed set of ALL the seasons. Will it ever be available? 

A: Yes!  A 38-DVD limited edition box set  (32 DVDs + 6 bonus discs) is available NOW for sale through this site, and a retail edition of The Complete Series (119 episodes) will also be available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and other retail outlets.  Please bear in mind that the Limited Edition is just that - limited stocks.

Q:  Does it ship outside Canada/USA?

A:  The retail edition doesn't, but the Limited Edition does.

Q  How much is shipping to my country?

A:  For $25 CAD (Canadian dollars) it will ship most places in 4-6 weeks.  Faster options may be available for your destination address, at a higher cost.  The exact price varies on your shipping destination, and (where available) your preference for lowest price/fastest speed.  Please go through the order process until you reach almost the last page, where you will be shown the available shipping options before commiting to purchase.  Please note your address must be entered without any errors for this to work accurately. 

Q: Can I get it in time for Christmas?

A: It depends which shipping methods are available for your destination, when you place your order, and how fast a shipping method you choose.  

Q: Is there any additional tax payable?

A:  For international shipping, your destination country may levy tax and a service fee. Please check with your local customs office before ordering, for details.

Q:  What format are the discs?

A: Region 1 (NTSC)

Q:  Are there any plans to make Region 2 discs?

A:  Not at present.

Q:  Will Region 1 discs play on my European player/computer?

A: If you are outside the Region 1 area you will need a multi-region player/computer, possibly an NSTC-compatible TV for TV viewing, or a game player with a DVD drive.  Alternatively, you can look on the internet for codes to 'chip' your DVD player, but this may invalidate your guarantee and is therefore not recommended.  See the Official Cagney & Lacey facebook page for various discussions of the topic, and some suggestions from fans who are successfully using Region 1 discs outside the Region 1 area.

Q: What payment methods are available?

A: PayPal Guest, credit card.

Q: I bought the set from the VEI  site direct - are my discs legitimate, and is it the same as the set available through the official Cagney & Lacey website?

A: Yes. The Cagney & Lacey 30th Anniversary Limited Edition was curated by Cagney & Lacey Executive Producer Barney Rosenzweig. Toronto-based VEI is the sole distributor.  We have included a link direct to their order form from the Official Cagney & Lacey website at www.cagneyandlacey.com, to show we endorse it and to reassure fans of its legitimacy.  

Q:  Are there subtitles or closed captioning on the DVDs, or are they dubbed in other any other languages?

A:  Sorry; no.

Q:   Are these the uncut original episodes or are they the syndicated edited versions?

A:  They are the uncut original versions from the original masters.

Q: I just received my order.  The box says 36 discs but the Limited Edition is supposed to contain 38.

A: Although the box is marked 36 DVDs, the box actually contains 38.  This comprises 32 DVDs containing Seasons 2-7 (all the episodes with Sharon Gless as Christine Cagney and Tyne Daly as Mary Beth Lacey), plus 6 bonus discs.  But once you look inside, we know from feedback already received that your delight with your new purchase will instantly subsume any mathematical challenge!

If your box does NOT contain all these items, please e-mail the distributor direct at csr[at]visualentertainment.tv or call them on 1-416-259-9100 and they will fix it for you!  Their office hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM EST.

Q:  One of the discs is faulty/a case is broken, what do I do?

A: Please contact the store from which you bought the set.  If you bought the retail edition from Amazon, you should contact them.   If you bought the Limited Edition through the Cagney & Lacey website, please contact VEI, the distributor.

New and returning customers please order here.

FAQs last updated:  Nov 29, 2012


Q: Are Sharon and Tyne coming to my State/Country?


A: Any individual public appearances will be announced on Sharon own website, or joint appearances there and on this website, so keep an eye on both sites, or join the mailing lists to be advised of any breaking news!

Q: I want to send a message to Sharon/Tyne. How do I do this? 

A: You can leave a message for Sharon on her blog, which is regularly monitored: 

Tyne doesn't blog.

Q: How can I get an autograph/photograph of Tyne/Sharon?

A:  Unfortunately these are not available through the websites at present.    

Q: Are Sharon and Tyne really friends in real life? 

A: Yes. They are good friends and see each other frequently. 

Q: What are the date and place of Sharon and Tyne’s birthdays? 



Q: Where can I get Barney’s book? 

A: You can buy the printed version from the Merchandise section of this website - we ship worldwide. Also from Amazon, or it can be ordered through your local book dealer. 

It is only through this website that you can have your copy autographed by the author. 

An e-book edition is now also available for your Kindle through Amazon in Germany, UK and US, or for your iPad, iPodTouch, iPhone or computer through Apple's iTunes/iBookstores in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

Q:  I would like a review copy of Barney’s book so that I can publish a review of it in my newspaper/magazine/website. How do I get one? 

A: Send the request on publication stationery to: 

Carole R. Smith

The Rosenzweig Company

PO Box 48005

Los Angeles

CA 90048


 THE OFFICIAL CAGNEY & LACEY WEBSITE  at www.cagneyandlacey.com

Q: is the Cagney & Lacey website now being updated regularly? 

A: Yes, whenever there is news, or new material Barney Rosenzweig will blog about it. 

We will also occasionally advise mailing list members if there is anything particularly significant happening. You can join the Cagney & Lacey mailing list here, and/or Sharon Gless's here

Sharon also has her own websites.